Additional Products

All lighting items below can display a static light or moving colours. Enjoy a clean set-up and don’t worry about anything. Possibilities are endless!




Rocks are perfect to indicate the way to your out-door event. They will enhance a porch or a fontain, or any other remarkable element.




Cocktail Table

The soft light provided by the Cocktail Tables is an important element of your classy event. Your guests will appreciate to have a quick chat together around this charming table.








Suspended Balls

Make your event unique thanks to the colors and shapes you will give to your set-up. The Suspended Balls add a very cosy layer.










Cubes provide an invinity of possibilities. Use them as lighting chairs, decoration, dynamic wall, etc.










We have a variety of shapes with the same idea of using the light and the branding that best suit your event. A logo of your organisation or your sponsor can be displayed on the bar.







We think that details make your event successful. These Lighting Balls droped on the floor or on the watter with your brand on it is a perfect example.




Relaxing Chairs & Tables

Our sets of Chairs and Tables have the unique advantage of providing 3 effects at the same time: Amaze your guests, enhance your swimming pool or your garden, and offer a space to relax and chat in a cosy space!








Art Up in the Air !

Birds & FishesBirds & Fishes

If you are looking for a “Whoa” effect from your guests, these huge flying birds & Fishes are definitely THE items to put high above your event! Colours will make them fantastic, the wind will make them real.

Picture: ZoukOut 2012, Singapore, in collaboration with Jean-Pierre David.













Silver Fishes

Who said fishes cannot fly? These brillant fishes reflect the natural light of your place. It will make your swimming pool a live art for the time of night.








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