Fire services, Rescue, Civil protection, EMS, and much more.

Compact Inflatable system, versatility and quick setup allow easy transport and use for our balloons in Extreme conditions.


Fire forces / EMS…

Easy to deploy after an accident, no glare makes extractions easier. Light up larger area than traditional halogen lights without any glare. Largest selection offering glare-free light up to 40,000m² (450,000ft²) at 440,000 lm.


Military forces

Airstar units self-inflate and illuminate in 45 seconds. Sturdy, lightweight and mobile, designed to work in difficult and diverse terrains. Deploy, strike and store in few minutes.


Search & Rescue

Airstar units can be easily moved to other areas of the rescue site without having to be defl ated and re-installed. Airstar lighting balloons provide safer and more comfortable visual conditions on the site.


Law enforcement

Due to their versatility and power, Airstar lights can be used at checkpoints or traffic stops, and unlike traditional lights, you do not get the reflection of the car’s windshield. Better visibility when walking up to vehicle.



Crime scenes

Best light in the industry, offering HMI (5,600K / 110,000 lumen) with a Color Rendering Index of 100%. Halogen (3,200K / 54,000 lumen) and metal halide (4,000K / 100,000 lumen) are also available. 360 degrees of light illuminating from 100m² (1,000ft²) up to 40,000m² (450,000ft²) depending on the unit you choose.  More







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