Lighting, Decoration, Branding.

Point up your brand, illuminate a large area, indicate a spot, or create a beautiful atmosphere for your event: It’s what our team can do with Airstar Lighting balloons.

Easy to use and safe, our products have almost no limitation:

  • Up in the air to illuminate a large area
  • On the ground to create a special atmosphere
  • On the water to reflect colors and amaze your guests


Crystal Balloons

We offer a large variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

Each balloon is customizable with 1 or several logos and patterns. More









 Lunix Helium Balloon

Your event needs to be identified from miles away? With a huge diameter from 2 to 14 meters nobody will miss it. 1 Lunix Balloon is able to illuminate a surface up to 12,000 sqm.  More









Evo is not the only a balloon that you can put on the water but it’s definitely one of the most unexpected decoration. It’s available in 1.3 and 1.8m  in all colors! Balloons can be synchronized to provide a beautiful effect. More







Towair, Cones, Horn, Flame, etc…

Airstar offers a variety of shapes to decorate a place. As well as Crystal or Lunix lighting balloons, you can use them for signage and communication. More








The Dôme is an inflatable cupola available in 4 sizes: from 115sqm to 595sqm. It will create a cosy and chic space for a special gathering. More



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